We wandered, we gathered, we assimilated . . .

South African designers Tessa & Gary, life long friends, who are both passionate about their country and its amazing culture, decided to share the best contemporary furniture from their landscape with the world market. 

They sourced local furniture designers who tell a story and understand the collaboration of “ethnic craftsman meets European design”. 



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Gary has been in the design industry for over 20 years, and he runs a Jerusalem based Interior-Architectural design studio.


He has years of business experience from working in a family-owned business, Duro Pressings the largest supplier of steel window, door and door frames in Southern Africa. His role was defined as Group Designer and as such responsible for all the group's office interior designs, as well as showrooms. His role was later extended to work on the team responsible for all new product designs. Following that he was charged with running a division of Duro, Windcolor a manufacturer of exclusive, Italian cold rolled steel windows.

At this time, he pursues his interior architectural business designing shop interiors, offices, and high-end domestic homes. 


Due to his knowledge of South Africa’s local furniture designers and crafters, Gary was able to form ZA-IL contemporary furniture, which assimilates the best of Southern Africa Design. “I warmly bring to Israel the best of South African furniture and design.” 


Partner - Israel sales, marketing  & operations 

Gary Alon Rogoff

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Tessa Sonik is the owner of Tessa Sonik Fabrics a South African Brand which has established a reputation both locally and internationally for elegance, creativity, innovation, quality, fashion, and credibility.


Over the past 25 years, Tessa has created a brand in the designer fabric industry. Tessa Sonik Fabrics has become synonymous with directional, contemporary fabrics of the finest quality. The collections have been instrumental not only in introducing international trends into the South African markets but in setting them as well.


The company was the first to launch micro-suede into the interiors landscape; the first to introduce color-coordinated collections; and the first to marry high fashion with traditionally unimaginative and bland contract fabric, forever changing the way we see the office environment.


Today, the company has diversified into specializing in high-end home furnishings as well as premium contract, corporate and hospitality markets.


Tessa Sonik Fabrics places a significant emphasis on environmental friendliness and has committed to producing all polyester yarns from recycled plastic bottles. Tessa sonic produce many of their fabrics locally to ensure that they support local South African industries as well as being conscious of our carbon footprint.


Specializing in the hospitality, corporate, contract, and home furnishing markets, the TSF team continually strives to give customer service and personal attention.

Partner - South African operations 

Tessa Sonik

ZA-IL - Designer furniture

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